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Upcoming Dates - 2011

Want to bring us to your city? Email for more information about booking a speaker about sexual harassment of girls and LGBTQ students in schools and how to organize to make schools safer for all students.


The program on public sexual harassment was a great way for West Chester University’s Association for Women’s Empowerment to start our own conversations about sexual harassment on campus. We deal with sexual harassment on daily basis and, prior to your program, not many students had the language to open up a conversation on the issue. The diversity in the video you showed, along with your personal experiences, allowed students in the audience to speak up about their own experiences. We definitely recommend this program to other organizations and colleges. We also look forward to working on issues of sexual harassment on our campus. - Kimberly Montes, President of Association for Women’s Empowerment

Past Dates - 2011

May 5: Research, Application & Pedagogy Conference (Joanne N. Smith), Pomona CA

May 14: Urban Word (Mandy Van Deven), NYC

May 20: Gender, Sexuality and School Social Work Practice at Hunter College (Andrenkia “Red” Booker & Mandy Van Deven), NYC

June 3: National Conference on College Women Student Leaders at University of Maryland (Mandy Van Deven), College Park MD

June 7: Uncovering Truths: Preventing Teen Sexual Violence in Brooklyn (Nefertiti Martin), NYC

June 9: Charis Books & More (Mandy Van Deven co-hosted with Hollaback ATL and SPARK Reproductive Justice Now), Atlanta GA

June 13: Feminist Summer Camp (current & former Sisters in Strength Interns Red, Ash, Taryn, and Kayla), NYC

June 23-26: Allied Media Conference (Mandy Van Deven), Detroit MI

June 30: Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative (Mandy Van Deven), Madison WI

July 1: Women and Children First (Mandy Van Deven), Chicago IL

July 7-10: Free Minds, Free People (Nefertiti Martin, Andrenkia “Red” Booker, Joanne N. Smith, and Mandy Van Deven), Providence RI

July 14-17: SisterSong’s Let’s Talk About Sex National Conference (a collaboration with former GGE community organizing intern Brittany Brathwaite and Advocates for Youth), Miami FL

July 21: Wooden Shoe Books (Mandy Van Deven co-hosted with Holly Kearl, Nuala Cabral, and HollabackPhilly), Philadelphia PA

August 10: Teachers Unite Restorative Justice Study Group (Nefertiti Martin), NYC

Aug 28: The Written Bird (Nefertiti Martin and Andrenkia “Red” Booker), NYC

Sept 10: In Other Words Feminist Bookstore (Mandy Van Deven), Portland OR

Sept 13: Left Bank Books (Mandy Van Deven), Seattle WA

Sept 23-24: Activism and the Academy: Celebrating 40 Years of Feminist Scholarship and Action (Mandy Van Deven), NYC

Sept 26: Busboys & Poets (Mandy Van Deven co-hosted with Collective Action for Safe Spaces, Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive (HIPS), Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League (SMYAL), DC Trans Coalition, Holly Kearl, and Teaching for Change), Washington, DC

Sept 30 - Oct 2: Beyond Violence: Promoting Healing through Spoken Word, Hip Hop, and Critical Pedagogy (Joanne N. Smith, Nefertiti Martin, and Andrenkia “Red” Booker), NYC

Oct 3: Empowering Young Women to Combat Sexual Harassment  (Mandy Van Deven), West Chester University, PA

Oct 15: Sex, Power and Speaking Truth: Anita Hill 20 Years Later (Joanne N. Smith), NYC

Oct 18: Public Science Project Salon & Book Party (Joanne N. Smith), NYC

Oct 22: Sisterhood Summit (Nefertiti Martin and Andrenkia “Red” Booker), NYC

Oct 22: RISE Conference (Meghan Huppuch), NYC

Oct 26: Empowering Young Women to Combat Sexual Harassment  (Meghan Huppuch and Mandy Van Deven), New York University

Nov 10-13: National Women’s Studies Association: Feminist Transformations (Joanne N. Smith, Mandy Van Deven, Meghan Huppuch, Nefertiti Martin), Atlanta GA

Virtual Tour Dates - 2011

In addition to making stops on the road, we also made a few around the world wide web. The following blogs hosted a virtual book tour in May featuring reviews, author interviews, and guest posts. Click on the links below to see how the virtual tour unfolded. (Don’t forget to visit the Press page for additional coverage.)

May 13: Tiger Beatdown - Part I
May 15: Small Strokes
May 16: Feminist Teacher
May 16: VivirLatino
May 17: Tiger Beatdown - Part II
May 18: SPARK Summit
May 19: The Pursuit of Harpyness - Part IThe Pursuit of Harpyness - Part II
May 23: Crunk Feminist Collective
May 23: Prof. Janni Aragon’s Blog
May 25: Women’s Glib
May 26: Teen Voices
May 26: Not My Typewriter
May 26: Hugo Schwyzer

May 27: Brenda’s Books and Blog
May 28: Reading in Color
May 29: Latino Sexuality
May 30: Viva La Feminista